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Kilroy _Was_Here_Title_Design.png

Musical - History - Spy Thriller - War - Romance

83 min. - PG - 2005

It's 1942 in Brooklyn, New York, and trouble's afoot. Nazi U-Boats are torpedoing countless supply and troop ships as they leave the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and the OSS suspects that spies are in the streets! To root out the sabetours, Elliot Abner Martin and Horace Mendez Lopez recruit the owner of the local U.S.O. Club, Ruth Taylor, to help them in their mission. But not all goes according to plan! A certain GI, Pvt. Joe Kilroy, is the spies' next target, but he has his own romantic problems with Gladys Brooks to deal with, as she is less than happy that he is going to be shipping out soon. Worse, Ruth mistakes Gladys and her riveter friends as secret agents from the OSS, resulting in major cases of mistaken identity! Will everyone be able to sort out the confusion and expose the Nazi spies in time?



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