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Captain Jack Knife Update.jpg

What's that, ye say?

What are you trying to do, old man? Put us to sleep?

Jay Walker Update.jpg

Good! Mom and pop are still doing well with the scrap yard.

Kai Update.jpg

See? It's nothing the ninja of fire can't handle...

Laura Brick Update.jpg

An old karate nanny leading a motley army into battle? Now I've seen everything.

Nick Brick Update.jpg

You're not going to take this island!

Lloyd Garmadon Update.jpg

You know, after a while, this isn't going to be funny anymore.

Actually, my name's just Nuckal. Anyway, the big machine is almost done.

Numb Chuck Update.jpg

Not much comes this way to Forbidden Valley.

Je vais manger vos yeux et aspirer vos veines le sang comme des spaghettis.

Be quiet! This is what my faction is studying right now!

Zane Update.jpg

I'll pass. Those peppers might fry my circuits.

Cole Update.jpg

Uh, guys, are you sure this is such a good idea?

Remember, what works in your universe isn't always the case in ours.

I believe the patient will live!

Sky Lane.jpg

Hey, Pepper. We should go there sometime.

Mama Brickolini.jpg

Oh, dear. What a mess!

AJR7 Update.jpg

You can't save me.

Bologna Roni Update.jpg

You've grown a lot, Pepper!

I see. Can you tell me about it?

I AM the plan!

Bob Universe.jpg

Let's use our imaginations to stop this darkness!


See you later, brickulators!

Pepper Roni.jpg

It seems like everyone wants pizza today.

Nya Update.jpg

Tired of me showing off?

Papa Brickolini.jpg

We make a pizza, we make a pasta, we make a lot of money.

Friendly Felix.jpg

Welcome, weary travelers! How do you do today? Welcome to Avant Gardens, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Skee Daddle.jpg

No way! We're just getting our groove on!

Beck Strongheart.jpg

We never thought that you would ever return!


I believe that's a dry martini.

Cast Role Note.png
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