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Notice Board

That's Chief Wickfield to you!

Pardon me for asking, but is it okay if we sit here?

Nice to meet you, folks. You from around here?

That was the funny part. They broke formation and left the town.

Professor Kowalski, I found something. I think it might be a type of black box.

At our most recent conference, my colleague raised the idea that the Maelstrom might be able to pass through the rift.

Excuse me, but you're not allowed here. It's not safe.

Our system actually says that we have two adjacent rooms available on level two.

Those men have kidnapped the hotel guests!

I can't do this, sir!

If I am unable to reach my destination, perhaps this message can be retrieved as a warning.

Nothing. The Bradford Rant Institute isn't releasing any more information right now.

Sir, yes sir!

Get moving, you maggot! I've seen drunk snails move faster than you!

Whoa! That was some crash!

You called for me, Holly?

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