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Notice Board

He's off in the museum, supervising your student.

Mighty fine night we're having tonight, gentlemen.

It's another piece of paper.

Uh, yes, Lord Vampyre.

Monsieur, does something trouble you?

Me prefer Theodore. Me not monster, like one Mr. Lugosi make.

You don't think those things were real, do you?

You're going to go out after dark!?!

What kind of mission?

Are you here to help me find Lou's goat? One of them got away again and I followed it in here.

This does not look right.

Inspector Idiot Update.jpg

That's Chief Inspector Idiot to


Major Quinton Steele.jpg

He looks like he's seen a ghost!

Lord Vampyre.jpg

You must come with me to Vansyltrania Town before the sun rises!

What do you think that means?

Dr Rodney Rathbone.jpg

He didn't. I did.

Ivan Hoo.jpg

Yes. I am Hoo. Ivan Hoo, the leader of VAT, at your service.

Tanya Kilgrov.jpg

Is there anything that you need help with?

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