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Notice Board

Uh, 1943. Are you injured, soldier?

Professor Heinrik Kowalski Update.jpg

I am Professor Heinrik Kowalski of the Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Baron Von Stuka IV Update.jpg

Why is he talking like that? You instructed me on proper English, and this is all I have to work with?

Josh Eldon.jpg

Don't trust him. He has to be a spy.

He died during the crash landing. That makes Kilroy our leader.

Corporal Joe Kilroy.jpg

What's your name, soldier?


He wants you to get the Hypno Cruiser started.


What are those!?!


I don't want to see either of you around here again!

Black Bart.jpg

Dang nebbit! I knew I should have learned Spanish.

Dr Cyber.jpg

I would like to present to you how time travel is possible!


Oh, yes! We're going on another time travel expedition!


This'll show you for making me work on my own mouth!


How did that get there!?!

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