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Johnny Thunder and the Rise to Fame Titl

Adventure - Action - Drama - Coming of Age - Travel

Not Yet Released

It's the night before the wedding of Sarah Thunder and Lance Spears, and Johnny Thunder, in his mad dash to get everything ready, stumbles across his photo journal from when he first became an adventurer! After breaking up with Miss Calliope Shaw and moving to LEGO City in 1988, he is sent by the LEGO City Museum on a trek up to Alaska to find a royal treasure! He's paired up with reporter Pippin Reed, archaeologist Dr. Kilroy, and ace pilot Harry Cane for the journey, but a German art thief by the name of Lord Samuel Rudolph Sinister is after the Czarist treasure as well! This exciting origin story is full of quick twists and turns that shape Johnny into the world-famous adventurer that he is today!


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